Custom heavy equipment operators

Southern Research offers a unique service to our fellow archaeologists - custom backhoe work and heavy mechanical site stripping. Whether you need an archaeological site stripped of overburden, backhoe trenches excavated for site testing or geomorphology studies, or assistance with cemetery disinterment, we can help.

We have extensive experience with data recovery, testing, geomorphology and cemetery studies using our own staff to operate backhoes, tracked excavators, loaders and compact tractors. After years of hiring outside equipment operators to strip sites for archaeological studies, we decided to do it ourselves.

Southern Research's Crew Chief Matt Wood serves as the equipment operator with Principal Archaeologist Dean Wood also available. Both have extensive experience with site stripping and overburden removal.

Southern Research has agreements with several regional equipment rental companies and can have the right equipment with modified smooth buckets available on very short notice. We also have a Kubota BX22 compact tractor with loader, backhoe and box blade for very small jobs or for use in tight places. Using experienced archaeologists to do the stripping or trenching means that the work is done by someone who really knows what they are doing and is more cost effective than hiring a grading contractor.